Initial minimum: $150.00 at wholesale pricing ($300.00 retail price)
Reorder minimum: $50.00 at wholesale pricing ($100.00 retail price)


(These minimums are subject to increase in the future, but will not affect any
minimums for a wholesale account that is created prior to any change occurring)
Wholesale accounts discount retail items only.
(Although wholesale accounts do not discount bulk item pricing, they are not restricted from purchasing bulk items alongside retail items at wholesale pricing)
Please call (928) 639-0805 or email sales@artglitter.com with the following information:


Business Name
Valid Business Tax ID Number (Only necessary in Arizona)
Business Address (Street, City, State, Zip Code)
Contact Name - First/Last
Phone Number
Email Address
Business Type (Optional)
After a wholesale account is created, an invite is sent via email requesting to create a password.  Once an account password is created, log into www.artglitter.com with your username and password and shop any retail products to see wholesale pricing reflected next to the original retail pricing.
(Wholesale does not discount bulk priced items under the "Bulk" tab).