Glass Glitter Information & Project Ideas

June 19, 2024

Glass Glitter Information & Project Ideas



Glass Glitter from Art Institute Glitter is a high-quality product. 

Glass Glitter has a lot of sparkle and is hand crafted by a German manufacturer.  It is created from a seven-step process that starts with coating a thin substrate of glass with a coat of pure silver.  After firing the glass at high temperatures, color coatings are added. Additional firings and coats of silver complete the process.  After the glass is cooled it is ground into different cuts ranging from fine powder to coarse shards.

Glass Glitter can be used in Resin casting, Greeting Cards, Christmas Ornaments, a seasonal glass filled Vase for a striking one-of-a-kind centerpiece.   Repurpose ceramic figurines and old photo frames. 

Wedding decorations, jewelry items, silk flowers, wall art, edges on pinecones to give them that snow look, polymer clay items and beautiful fall pumpkins.

Let your creativity soar!

Please note:  Since this product is ground/cut glass, it is not recommended for children and should be handled with care by the user.

How to apply glass glitter:

First paint your item the same base color as the glitter. This will prevent you from seeing a different color behind the glitter. We have found the best glue to use is Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear.   It will dry clear and is best applied with a paintbrush. Apply the glue, and then press the item into a bowl or plate holding the glitter. It is not recommended to spoon the glitter over the product, because the glass glitter may bounce all over your work area. Also, on large objects, work in sections so the glue won’t dry out. Although Art Glitter Designer Dries clear holds the glitter on quite well, you can get a clear water-based spray sealer in a craft store to apply over the glitter. This will fix the glitter into place and prevent any from falling off.


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