What Are The Different Glitter Sizes?

August 22, 2022

What Are The Different Glitter Sizes?

Today I am going to explain the different glitter sizes to you. We carry multiple different sized glitters. I will go through the main cut sizes, then show you some of the different shapes we carry. Not all colors will be available in all the different sizes. I did want to show every size we do carry.

    List of colors used in order as they appear in following video and pictures:

      The Different Sizes Of Glitter


      First up is our Microfine Glitter. This is the finest cut glitter we carry. Microfine is .004 inches.  


      Second size up is our Mezzofine Glitter. This is a little bigger cut then our Microfine Glitter. Mezzofine is .006 inches.


      Third size up is our Ultrafine Glitter. We're starting to get a little bigger then the previous Mezzofine Glitter. Ultrafine is .008 inches.


      Fourth up is our Chunky Glitter. Definitely a noticeable difference in the size from the Ultrafine Glitter before. Chunky Glitter is .015 inches.


      Next up we step into our Dazzler Glitter Sizes. Our Dazzlers do have multiple different sizes. The first and smallest of them is .025 inches.


      Second size up in our Dazzler Glitter is .040 inches. You can really see how big the sizes are getting now. Much bigger then the Chunky Glitter.


      Last size in the Dazzler Glitter. This beauty is .062 inches. You can see how large the cut of glitter is here. By far the biggest size glitter I've shown you yet!!


      Now I'll show you some of the different shape and size glitter we carry. This is still in Dazzler Glitter. Small Squares that are .0125x.0125 inches


      Next up is the Large Square Glitter. This is .0250x.0250 inches. You will still find this in the Dazzler Glitter



      Now onto the Slices. We carry these in 2 different cuts. This is the smaller cut at .035x.004.


      These are a little bigger then the previous slices. These ones are .0125x.062.


      Next size up is our flakes. We do have the these in multiple different colors. They can all be found in our dazzler section.


      Here's our next one up, Stars!! We carry this shape/size glitter in 2 different colors.


      Moons!! The next and last shape we carry are these adorable little moons!


      Our last 2 sizes available are our Mixed Size Glitter. These custom made mixes will contain any variety of all the different glitter sizes. 


      Here's one more example of the Mixed Size Glitter. We carry many different colored custom mixes. 





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