This cutting edge Metal Tip Attachment is the perfect solution for those who desire a fine, pen-like precision with their adhesive applications.
Tip opening is 0.6 mm
This attaches to any Art Glitter adhesive spouts which come on our 2 oz and 4 oz bottles.
To apply it to the bottle, apply pressure downward and turn clockwise with the metal tip pointing up from the tip of the bottle spout, lift the bottle by the Metal Tip Attachment to ensure it's securely fastened to the spout.
For step by step instructions on how to install your metal tip, check out our How-To Blog.
Each Metal Tip Attachment comes with a stainless steel pin that can be left inside the tip between uses.
*Pro tip: To avoid the pin handle drying to the Metal Tip Attachment when not in use, place the pin only about 90% of the way into the Metal Tip Attachment.*
For large orders the Metal Tip is sold in a case pack of 100.  Please order by the case pack.



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