This lustrous white ultrafine glitter has a silky pearlescent gloss that you'll want to wrap yourself in.
Let your creations sparkle and grin while applying it to your next project. And why not start with this White Satin - White Glitter by ArtGlitter! ---  Add shimmer and texture to all your projects with this colorful, high-quality extra fine glitter using the exclusive ArtGlitter adhesive that can be applied easily and longer than any other product on the market! The uses with White Satin - White Glitter are as limitless as your imagination.  It is suitable for creating stationery cards or homemade wrapping paper. You can even embellish posters, scrapbooking supplies, school projects and ornaments. This  White Satin -  Add sparkle, shine, shimmer and texture to all your projects with this colorful, high-quality White Satin - White Glitter  . This extra-fine glitter gives projects a metallic look, perfect for embellishing paper crafts, party decorations, apparel crafts and more! The uses are as limitless as your imagination.

Accessory Needed: Adhesive | Glue

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Art Glitter: White Glitter
Ultrafine (.008)
Made in the USA
All items shipped from US Warehouse.
The ArtGlitter Collection

Add dazzling shimmer and dimension to any art, craft, or decoration project with our super shiny and sparkly extra fine  White Satin - White Glitter. Showcase your passionate aesthetic taste with this extra fine glitter that comes in the most startling hues. Let the surreal glitz and glam exuded by our extra fine glitter transform your simple craft creations, favors, and cards, into luxurious parcels of radiance. Ideal for a variety of crafting projects, DIY decorations, and embellishments, shimmering glitter is a perfect tool for creating stationery cards or homemade wrapping paper with this White Satin - White Glitter. Use it to sparkle up your home and party space, vases, bowls, jars, or pep up posters, scrapbooking supplies, school projects and ornaments. White Satin - White Glitter is now available in a transparent stackable bottle, our extra fine glitter is easy to store and stack in your craft closet or drawer. With a wide variety of colors available, it can augment your projects with a sparkling personal touch.  Don't worry, being in the Glitter business for over 35 years, you can trust you get the highest quality.

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