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Let your creations sparkle and shine with this BABY PINK - PINK GLITTER by ArtGlitter! Add shimmer and texture to all your projects with this colorful, high-quality extra fine glitter. BABY PINK - PINK GLITTER is sweet and feminine. A light girly pink with slight bits of silver mixed together to create a charming color. The uses are as limitless as your imagination. When you're looking to elevate a traditional glitter look, this BABY PINK - PINK GLITTER is exactly what you need. The extra fine grains give you a more luxurious, gorgeous look and feel, adding just the right amount of texture. Don't forget we also make our exclusive solution of glues and adhesive to apply the glitter for any project imaginable. It's the one stop shop for anything GLITTERSprinkle on art projects, jewelry, handmade cards and paper, or even mix with makeup for an extra dash of shimmer. Combine the glitter with an embossing powder to create a smooth finish that is sure to impress. Slime, nail polish, drinking glasses, and more all get an extra dose of twinkle and shine. The reusable jar of this BABY PINK - PINK GLITTER is safe and non-toxic. The simple and clear packaging is ideal for storage, creating a cohesive, clean look on your shelf or in your craft room.

Accessory Needed: Adhesive | Glue

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Art Glitter: Pink Glitter
Ultrafine (.008)
Made in the USA
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Add some sparkle and shine to all your projects with this shiny glitter! This glitter bottle contains shiny glitter that will give projects texture and dimension, perfect for adding to your craft projects, or even party décor. The bottle has a built-in sprinkle hole for easy use right under the cap. Create eye-catching details by applying bold, shimmery, and bright glitter embellishments. Over 35 years ArtGlitter has prided itself on providing its customers with the best value and selection in crafting supplies, while always striving to exceed customer expectations with amazing customer service. It remains our goal to earn your trust through the traditional way we do business. You can give your crafts and projects a dazzling touch of color and festive glamour with a dusting of BABY PINK - PINK GLITTER. Add this non-toxic glitter to scrapbooks, cards, school projects, mixed media projects, frames, posters, tags, and more. Just put a little glue and sprinkle it on top for an alluring affect that makes your creations shimmer like a gem!


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