Like the tropical fruit, this vibrant orange is warm and refreshing with a hint of pearlescent sheen.
Being in the glitter business for over 35 years you can rest assure we provide the highest in quality when it comes to glitter. And that doesn't stop with our wonderful FLORIDA ORANGE - ORANGE GLITTER. You can give your crafts and projects a dazzling touch of color and festive glamour with a dusting of FLORIDA ORANGE - ORANGE GLITTER by ArtGlitter!  Don't forget we also make our our exclusive solution of glues and adhesive to apply the glitter for any project imaginable. its the one stop shop for anything GLITTER. Add this non-toxic glitter to scrapbooks, cards, school projects, mixed media projects, frames, posters, tags, and more. Just put a little glue and sprinkle it on top for an alluring affect that makes your creations shimmer like a gem!  This is our most economical glitter. It is made of plastic which is not resistant to most solvents. Coverage is approximately 14 square feet per pound. If you are looking to get more coverage you might try our polyester glitter. For outdoor applications, it will last longer when coated with a UV resistant spray. Use white glue or spray glue for permanent applications. You can even sprinkle it on wet paint! The flakes are thicker than our polyester glitters and tend not to float around as much when not adhered.

Accessory Needed: Adhesive | Glue

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Art Glitter: Orange Glitter
Ultrafine (.008)
Made in the USA
All items shipped from US Warehouse.
The ArtGlitter Collection

Are you tired of standard glitter colors that quickly fade? Maybe you’re looking for a unique glitter color? Look no further – we can help! ArtGlitter has got you covered with brilliant glitters to make your creativity shine with over `1,000 different colors! We’re a family company based in Arizona, and we worked with global manufacturers to create custom colors for our line of premium glitters. Whether you’re trying to find a glitter to match a school color as unique as “burnt orange” for the University of Texas, or if you're trying to match a bridesmaid’s dress or birthstone color, you’ve come to the right place. Our glitters are sold online and store font if you ever want to stop by.


Visit our storefront to inquire about special colors, bulk orders, and project ideas.

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