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Canadian Blue Glitter - Blue Glitter

Explore the horizons with shine, sparkle and creativity with this Canadian Blue Glitter by ArtGlitter. With both a sprinkle or pour lid, this shimmery glitter is perfect to keep in your craft box at home or even at school for when your creative side decides to show. A bold blue with no other tones to take away from its radiant color. Suspends perfectly in glitter gels, imparting an extremely fine brilliant blue sparkle on the skin! Can also be combined with micas and used in melt & pour soaps. Gorgeous! This Canadian Blue Glitter Micro Fine Opaque Blue Glitter is a high-quality glitter that will add amazing sparkle to all of your projects. When combined with our exclusive ArtGlitter Double-Sided Adhesive the Burnished Velvet technique creates a stunning effect. This is the ideal glitter for detailed work on scrapbooks and cards.

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Art Glitter: Blue Glitter
Ultrafine (.008)
Made in the USA
All items shipped from US Warehouse.
The ArtGlitter Collection

The perfect item for DIY ART & Crafts with this Canadian Blue Glitter - Blue Glitter by ArtGlitter. Joins with an extra fine with a shaker jar bottle for any occasions , including birthday parties, anniversaries and wedding parties. Add dazzling shimmer and dimension to any art, craft, or decoration project with our super shiny and sparkly extra fine glitter. Showcase your passionate aesthetic taste with this  Canadian Blue Glitter - Blue Glitter that comes in the most startling hues. Let the surreal glitz and glam exuded by our extra fine glitter transform your simple craft creations, favors, and cards, into luxurious parcels of radiance. Ideal for a variety of crafting projects, DIY decorations, and embellishments, shimmering glitter is a perfect tool for creating stationery cards or homemade wrapping paper. Use it to sparkle up your home and party space, vases, bowls, jars, or pep up posters, scrapbooking supplies, school projects and ornaments. Available in a transparent stackable bottle, this  Canadian Blue Glitter - Blue Glitter is easy to store and stack in your craft closet or drawer. With a wide variety of colors available, it can augment your projects with a sparkling personal touch. The bottle has a built-in pourable press-on top for easy and waste less application. 


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