Kaleidoscope Of Colors Kit

A beautiful kaleidoscope of colors in this kit.  9 1/4 oz jars of glitter, 2 oz Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, Spout,  Fine Metal Tip, Glitter Spoon, Noodgers and Wiping Cloth,

This kit was used in creating our Rainbow checkered Old Skool Vans pictured here.  They are available for purchase on our website under the Gifts Tab.

 If you would like to create this look this kit has everything you need.


Glitter used in this kit:  48 Emerald,  256 Purple Passion, 85 Crystal, 77 Pewter, 79 Black,    92 Bananan, 30 Royale, 291 Fire Engine Red, 56 Pumpkin and C177 Olaf Pee Wee.

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