Basic Kit With Tray - Cornucopia

 The Cornucopia, from Latin cornu (horn) and copia (abundance), also called the horn of plenty, was a symbol of abundance.

This is a Cornucopia of colors to brighten up any project!

 Kit with 6 assorted 1/4 ounce jars in either Opaque or Transparent Glitter, 2 OZ Designer Dries Clear Adhesive , Glitter Spoon, Cloth, 2 Noodgers and a Fine Metal Tip  for writing  your designs in glue prior to adding glitter, Instruction Sheet and Pee Wee vial in a coordinating color.

Glitter Included:  #54 Sedona Sun, #109  Cavalado, #197 Flax, #173 Ripe Plum, #398 Lady Bug, #277 Thyme.

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