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Creating fine art with our incredible glitter can be fun and so rewarding. We want to make sure you learn all the tricks and techniques the professionals use. If you have questions or ideas, we invite you to send us an email.

Ultrafine Metal Tip
Dries Clear versus Dries White
Fabric Adhesive


The Art Glittering System

You can adhere our Art Glitter and Vintage Glass Glitter to most surfaces with our adhesives.

The Designer Dries Clear Adhesive adheres to most surfaces, including but not limited to paper, cardboard, card stock, transparencies, glass, plastic, wood, metal, and ceramics. It can be applied with the spout, metal tip or brushed on larger areas (mix with a couple drops of water if too thick).

Our Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive is specifically made for use with our glitter on fabric. After the glue has dried completely, your fabric item then must be cured to make it washable. This is done by heating the fabric in an oven. Refer to the directions on our bottle for complete instructions. Note: Do not use Vintage Glass Glitter on fabrics as it is made with glass.

At Art Glitter we use plastic containers to hold and catch our excess glitter. You can also use a creased piece of paper under your jar of glitter, or place your jar inside a basket filter. When done with that color, pour glitter back into jar.


Hold adhesive bottle in your hand like a pencil, touch spout tip or Ultrafine Metal Tip to surface before squeezing bottle. Once tip is in place, carefully squeeze bottle and move spout or tip over area to achieve a controlled, accurate line. Our adhesives are three-dimensional, apply liberally for best results.

Spoon glitter on adhesive while glue is wet, white and shiny. Turn project over tray/creased paper and tap backside with spoon to expel excess glitter before moving onto next color. Adhesive will hold glitter, you do not have to wait for it to dry before tapping excess off.

Always put adhesive down in small, controlled areas, so glitter can be applied before adhesive begins to dry. Depending on thickness of adhesive and climate, your area should dry in 10 to 30 minutes.

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Ultrafine Metal Tip

Our Ultrafine Metal Tip was made popular by Barbara Trombley for the Art Glittering System. Originally created to screw onto the adhesive bottle for writing pencil fine calligraphy with adhesive, it did not take long to find out the tip also worked well for detailed artwork.

To attach metal tip to spout, remove seal under lid in glue bottle and tightly twist black spout back on. Pop off spout cover, attach Ultrafine Metal Tip by firmly turning it to the right with a downward motion. If glue squeezes out the bottom of spout or tip, tighten with one more twist.

The tip makes it possible to put our adhesive down in fine, controlled lines or dots. Fill in small areas in a stamp design or other artwork for precision detailing.

Wipe tip often with cotton cloth for fine line control. Use stainless steel pin in tip for temporary storage and cleaning. Self clean tip in original tube by soaking in water. Blow out adhesive water twice before reattaching.

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This little tool can be one of the most important tools in your craft kit. Use it to push glitter/glue into a straight line, fix a mistake or to remove a spot of glitter/glue completely.

If you find you have made a mistake with your adhesive, do not use your noodger until after applying the glitter. This addition holds the glue in place and makes it easier to control. Simply lay an edge of the noodger next to the mistake, and slide the adhesive/glitter back into the intended place. Save your project with this handy tool!

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Dries Clear versus Dries White Adhesives

Using Designer Dries Clear and golden opaque glitter on blue paper.
Using Designer Dries White and transparent crystal glitter on same blue paper.

Our glitter comes in both transparent (see through) and opaque (non-see through). Use Designers Dries White if you do not want the color of the surface to show through.

If you use a transparent glitter with the Designer Dries Clear on a colored surface, the color of the glitter mixes with the surface color, which when done intentionally and with care can create interesting effects.

Using an opaque glitter with Designer Dries Clear results in no surface color breaking through. Do not use Dries White with an opaque glitter, as it diffuses the color.


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Fabric Adhesive

Use this adhesive to embellish quilts or to make a piece of fabric into a frameable piece of art by following the colors of the fabric. This adhesive adheres Art Glitter on most fabric surfaces except silk, lycra and other synthetics. Our Fabric Adhesive dries clear and allows the surface color of your fabric to show through if used with transparent glitter.

One of the most stunning effects comes from using our Pearlescent glitter on brightly colored fabric. The Pearlescent colors compliment the fabric colors beautifully!

After you stamp or draw your design on your T-shirt or fabric, iron freezer paper behind the design. Wrap item around a piece of cardboard to create a firm surface on which to work. Tape fabric so it does not move. Apply your glue and glitter. Let air dry for four to five hours. Preheat your oven 300 degrees. SHUT OFF OVEN ONCE PREHEATED. Remove paper, tape and place item, design side up, on a foil-lined cookie sheet. Place in oven. Leave in 30 minutes to set. You can then wash the item inside out in cold water before wearing. Line dry or tumble dry low. Do not bleach or dry-clean item.

For frameable art use a spray adhesive to attach fabric to matt board and bond permanently with a line of Fabric or Designer Dries Clear adhesive around underside edge of fabric. Draw along image designs with adhesive and sprinkle with glitter color that matches design. Project does not have to be heat cured if it is not to be washed.

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Butterfly Lace
Learn how to create the glitter lace card and add Barbara's 3-D glittered butterfly.

Spring Moth
Sophisticated and so beautiful.


Vintage Glass Frames
Our Vintage Glass Glitter used with old family photographs.

Order Our
Color Chart

Art Glitter Color Calibrated Glitter Chart

Glitter Galore!
Each color has been expertly photographed and digitally manipulated to match its original color*. Printed on heavy card stock so you can glue and glitter the colors you have. In time you'll have made your own handmade glitter chart!

Metal Tip
Barbara Trombley is the creator of Art Glitter and the President of Art Institute Glitter Inc. since it's beginnings in 1981. She realized that this stainless steel metal tip was perfect when attached to Art Glitter adhesives.

Once you try the metal tip attached to any of the adhesive bottles, coupled with our stainless steel pin, you won't do without it!

Designer Dries Clear Adhesive

For use with Art Glitter's products, this adhesive dries clear, is acid-free, and is permanently flexible.

Designer Dries White Adhesive

Also created just for use with Art Institute Glitter's products, this adhesive dries white, is acid free and is permanently flexible. Can be used with transparent glitter when you don't want the paper color to show through.


Fabric Designer Dries Clear Adhesive

Works best on 100% cotton fabric with most polyester glitter, ultrafine or microfine size. Refer to Techniques to learn more about how to use this great product.



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