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440+ colors from which to choose. Select from our microfine, ultrafine, or vintage lines!




All of our polyester glitters, fantasy film, fantasy fiber and adhesive are acid free and of the highest quality materials available. Your creations will last for at least 25 years or more! Be sure to check out our Techniques page for basic glittering techniques.

Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Art Glitter Scrapbook Page
Green Scrapbook Layout
Joy Scrapbook Layout
Lemonaid Scrapbook layout
Memories Scrapbook Layout
Mitchell Scrapbook Layout
Purple Scrapbook Layout
Retro Gals Scrapbook layout
Spring Scrapbook Layout
Summer of '52 Scrapbook Layout
Christmas Girl Scrapbook layout

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  • Free hand headlines with the glue then glitter with multiple colors. 
  • Free hand frames around pictures using dots, lines, etc.
  • Draw grass, balloons, flowers, hats, etc. with glue then glitter.
  • Glitter on:  fabric, headlines, photos, stickers, stamped designs, die cuts, etc.


  • Glitter Lace Background – go to project details. Glitter Lace technique can be used to create frames, corner pieces, and borders, just like scrapbooking paper only much prettier!
  • Glitter Frame – same idea as the Glitter Lace Frame, without the lace. Cut sticky paper 1/4” – 1/2” larger than photo. It’s best to use opaque colors for this technique. If your coverage is too thin, dip the sticky paper into glitter and squeeze more on. Or add deails with glue and more glitter on top.
  • Make Borders - Use 12 x 12 sticky paper. Cut off a 1” piece or larger. Take off backing, spoon and press glitter onto sticky paper. Die cut or punch out design to make your own border. Save cut out shapes to further embellish page.
  • Die cuts with glitter lace technique – Snowflakes work wonderful with this idea, but any die cut will work. Die cut shape out of sticky paper, take off backing and place lace onto sticky paper – continue with glitter lace technique described on Glitter Lace Scrapbook project page.
  • Punches – Don’t throw away those excess pieces of sticky paper! Remove backing, spoon and pinch on glitter, then punch out as many shapes as you can.

Same idea as Sticky Paper; cut tape to size, pat down in place, remove red protective covering and apply glitter. Create borders, frames, and geometrical designs, anything you can come up with!

Chipboard and glitter are perfect for each other! First darken the chipboard edges with a permanent marker. With the metal tip attached simply cover the shape with Designer Dries Clear adhesive. For a thin coat use a paintbrush to apply adhesive. While glue is wet, white and shiny spoon on glitter. See Chipboard Project...

Glitter covers a multitude of sins! A misspelled word in ink can be rewritten again (correctly!) with the glue and an opaque glitter. It works great; the glitter diverts your attention from any ink that still shows. Or stamp over a mistake and glitter it with opaque glitter, a beautiful solution!

Make shaker pockets or envelopes for mementos: Fold and crease a layer in half. Iron three edges 1/4" in. Sandwich materials in-between pocket sheets, leave open or iron shut. Press pocket flat with iron or leave items loose. Imagine a film vase holding flowers in place by sandwiching the stems in the vase.


  • Shaggy Frames - Make frames around photos in any shape you desire. Take some fiber and form it around your photo in the shape of a heart (use a variety of colors), place your hand on top of the heart and slide your photo out from underneath. Place baker’s parchment paper on top and press iron over heart for 3 seconds or so. Cut away random strands in middle for a sharp edge, or leave them for a shaggy effect. See an example...
  • Bushy Borders - Place several colors of fiber in a row, horizontally or vertically, make sure all colors overlap, to create a 12” x 5” line. Cover with parchment paper and press flat with iron. Use a straight edge and blade to slice strips any size you want.


  • Stamped Imprints – Apply permanent ink to a rubberstamp. Lay three layers of film or some fiber on surface of inked stamp. Place baker’s parchment paper on top without moving film/fiber. Press firmly with iron at medium setting for approximately five seconds. Image can then be glittered if desired. Closely cut image out of film/fiber. If you used fiber, leave strands on if you want. Attach to page anywhere. For a more delicate imprint, omit the ink.
  • Die Cuts and Punches - Same as with sticky paper, don’t throw away any extra pieces, punch out shapes and letters from fused left over pieces. Iron scraps of unfused pieces or small fused pieces onto a single sheet of film for a variety of colors and textures to punch out shapes.


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