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Fabric Dries Clear AdhesiveAdd sparkle to all your fabric projects! For designing and personalizing with glitter, Art Glitter Fabric Dries Clear is a non-toxic, water-based adhesive that remains permanently soft and flexible. “FDC” is machine washable after heat-curing, or hand washable after air drying for two weeks.

Transform your fabric! The design is already there, all you do is add the pizzazz! “Color” in the areas you want to highlight or add glitter detail to a design where it doesn’t exist. Change a color completely or make your own design! Stamp or draw a design on material, using a fabric stamp pad, paints or freehand a name with FDC. Glitter images and glitter words everywhere: quilts, purses, hair bows, jeans, t-shirts, jackets, backpacks, belts, pocket books, hats shoes, the sky’s the limit!!!

Rooster Quilt panel
LB Glittered Panel
fish and sun
glittered T-Shirt
Girls Jean Jacket
Santa panel
Spring Scrapbook Layout
JBrabham Quilt Panel
Girls Jeans
Suzan's Quilt
Vintage Purse
Glittered Shoes
Oriental Gals
Film butterfiles Purse
LB Quilt Panel
Fiber Bowl
Fiber Bugs
LB Earth Horses
Space Panel
Glittered Ball Cap
Fabric Glittered Card
Applique Jeans
Me&My Shadow Applique
Glittered Barrettes
Oriental Fabric
Glittered Girls Jacket
Hanging Cats
gallery sign

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Your fabric does not need to be pre washed. Art Glitter Fabric Dries Clear works best on 100% cotton. Not for use on silk or rayon-type fabrics. Use Art Glitter Ultrafine Metal Glue Tip for fine lines. Large areas may be filled in with the spout. FDC works equally well with transparent or opaque Art Glitter.

Iron waxy side of freezer paper to back of fabric. Fold and tightly tape fabric around a small mat board.

Touch metal tip to fabric before squeezing. With a light amount of pressure, glide glue tip across fabric to make a line or to fill in an area.

Spoon on one color of glitter on wet adhesive. Tap off excess over creased paper. Continue applying glitter colors in same manner. Glitter will not stick to fabric that does not have glue on it. It can be brushed off or shaken off after
adhesive has dried. Let dry thoroughly 4-5 hours or overnight before heat curing.

Heat Curing: Preheat oven to 300 degrees and SHUT OFF. Remove tape, freezer paper and board. Place on a foil covered cookie sheet, glitter side up, in hot turned off oven for thirty minutes. Fabric is now ready to hand or machine wash in cold water. Line dry. For larger fabric items, let air dry two weeks and hand wash. Do not bleach, dry clean or use fabric softeners. When pressing, try to avoid ironing glitter. It is best to use a steam iron to get out wrinkles.

You can also add glitter to a finished quilt. A runner or a small wall quilt will work best. Start with the darkest color and carefully apply glue to areas you want enhanced then spoon on glitter. Let dry for at least 15 minutes. Hold quilt in a "U" to slide glitter off onto table top, then brush onto a large piece of paper to funnel back into your jar. Continue working on one color at a time from darkest to lightest until done. Let dry thoroughly. You won't be able to heat cure it at this point, but the glitter will stay on wonderfully as long as it is not washed. Spot hand washing will not harm your glitter.



Mount fabric on Matboard.

Apply glue up to, but not on lines.

Spoon on glitter.

Cover area with glitter.

Tap off excess over creased paper.

Pour excess back into jar.

Cut fabric design to fit mat board including a 1” border on all sides. If fabric design does not match sides of mat board, stretch sides by pulling on corners until edges line up. Remove creases by running only the tip of an iron over back of crease. ***Avoid ironing any material that has a border shape around it such as a square or rectangle. It will distort sides.***

Cover one side of mat board with spray adhesive. Lay fabric out wrong side up. Center mat board on top of fabric, adhesive side down. Turn over and smooth out any wrinkles. Reposition if necessary by lifting up one side at a time, stretching as needed and smoothing back down.

Turn over and apply Fabric Dries Clear adhesive to edges of material, smooth onto board. An excess of material is created at each corner in the size of a triangle, cut it off and glue down edges.

Touch metal tip to fabric before squeezing. With a light amount of pressure, glide glue tip across fabric to make a line or to fill in an area. Spoon on one color of glitter on wet adhesive. Tap off excess over creased paper. Continue applying glitter colors in same manner. Glitter will not stick to fabric that does not have glue on it. Let dry thoroughly 4-5 hours or overnight, brush or shake off excess glitter before framing.

Stamp or draw design on shirt, iron freezer paper behind the design. Wrap shirt around a piece of cardboard to create a firm surface on which to work. Tape fabric down so it does not move.

Fill in design with adhesive and spoon on glitter, one color at a time, tapping off excess glitter in between colors. Let air dry overnight and heat cure.

FDC will heat cure naturally in direct sun after two weeks. So glitter your lawn art, mailboxes, signs, etc. Art Glitter Fabric Dries Clear works wonderfully on wood, metal, concrete, ceramics, cling vinyl, and artificial flowers. Brush FDC on for large projects.


• Hold glue bottle in your hand like a pencil, resting it in your hand with out applying pressure. Only your thumb presses the side of the bottle. Wipe tip often with cloth to remove adhesive. This is important when creating fine lines. The glue will tend to dry a little faster on fabrics than paper, so work in small, controlled areas.

• When picking out colors for quilters fabric, you will usually want them to match the fabric. Then apply the same color of glitter as fabric color on top of it. This technique works best if you apply the glue up to but not covering the outline of the design you are glittering.

• When using several colors, start with the darkest to lightest colors, moving from the center out. If your colors include opaque and transparent glitter, apply opaque colors first and let dry before using transparent ones.

• Use stainless steel pin in tip for temporary storage or to move glue into tiny areas before applying glitter. Self clean tip in original tube by soaking in water. Blow out adhesive water twice before reattaching.

• You can use FDC or Designer Dries Clear for projects that don't require washing. The glitter will hold just as well. Let project dry completely and gently brush off additional glitter to avoid shedding.

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