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Fraken Glitter Polish by Kae Ruess
Kae Ruess shares her experience with mixing glitter and polish known as "Frankenpolish". Take a look here for her complete tutorial and a quick glitter manicure. Really fun!

It's only natural that Professional Nail Artists should create with glitter and the best artists have found Art Glitter. Look at the beautiful work of these Nail Artists below.

Nails by Nail It!

Nail It! with Art Glitter

Nails By Kara Brook

Nail Artist Kara Brook

Nails By Jess

Nails by Jessica Hoel

Click on photos above to see more examples.

Art Glitter Nails

Fourteen Designs By Nail Artist Tonia Rebstein.
Complete with Instructions. Thank you Tonia!

Click here for: PDF - Art Glitter Nail Art Instructions

The basic technique for adding glitter to your nail art can be approached in two ways:

1. Mix Art Glitter with Clear Acrylic Powder*. A good starting ratio is 2 parts acrylic to 1 part glitter, but you can go as high as 50/50. (The more glitter you use the better your coverage, however the acrylic's strength will weaken as well.) Then apply a "clear cap" before filing.

2. Art Glitter and Gels*. Can be applied in two ways:
A. Mix glitter with nail gel. Dip brush into mixture and brush the mixture onto the nail in desired shape or pattern. Cure, apply top coat of gel and cure.
B. Apply nail gel on nail only where you want to apply glitter. Dust the nail with glitter and lightly shake to remove excess. Use a small implement to remove any glitter that you don’t want. Cure, apply top coat of gel and cure.

The newest trend in glitter and gels is "Glitter Toes"!
Prep nail bed, apply base gel and leave tacky, dust with glitter, blow off any unwanted glitter from the skin with a can of compressed air, cure, apply top coat of gel and cure. Also known as "Rock Star Toes".

All polyester glitter is cosmetically safe for wearing on skin. A few ultrafine opaque colors have a mix of metallic glitter in them and are not skin safe or solvent resistant. Click HERE for a list of glitter colors that are NOT cosmetic grade. All other polyester Ultrafine, PearlChunky and Microfine glitter are safe.
***Vintage Glass Glitter and Gala Glitz are made from real glass. Do Not use for body applications; including nails (acrylic nails are acceptable),
cosmetics and wearable applications.***

To obtain wholesale status (to resell Art Glitter products), or a designer discount (licensed professionals using Art Glitter products in their services) please fill out a Wholesale Request form here and an Art Glitter representative will contact you shortly.

*Art Glitter is not a supplier of acrylic powder or gels.

Art Glitter Toes

Aren't they festive!

All the entries were wonderful.

Glitter ToesGlitter ToesGlitter Toes

Glitter ToesGlitter ToesGlitter Toes

Glitter ToesGlitter ToesGlitter Toes

Glitter ToesGlitter ToesGlitter Toes

Glitter ToesGlitter ToesGlitter Toes

Glitter ToesGlitter Toes

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